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Services provided by our clinic


  • In-grown toenails
  • Correction of various nail deformities
  • Thickened or split nails or nail fungal infections
  • Treatment of onychomycosis using GENESIS* photodynamic technology
  • Care for plantar fasciitis and heel spurs

* We specialize in onychomycosis; the GENESIS system is painless and allows patients to avoid taking oral antifungals.
GENESIS is a device that uses a liquid filter to eliminate harmful radiation, like UVB, UVC and infrared light. Only visible light penetrates the skin or nail and the treatment is therefore painless. It was developed and tested in Canada by physicians and has been approved by Health Canada. It is also used in treating infected or ischemic wounds and musculoskeletal injuries.


  • Complete foot care, including vascular and neurological assessment
  • Self-care instruction
  • Instruction to prevent foot problem recurrence


  • Corns, calluses, bunions
  • Cracking, splitting
  • Severe dryness, excessive moisture
  • Abrasions, minor lacerations, diabetic wounds
  • Wound care, venous and arterial ulcer care (uninfected)

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